Humanly Possible

I’m sorry if you think
I take up too many goals at once,
And that these are not
Humanly possible to commit to;

But someone once told me,
Rather honestly and angrily,
That it’s not humanly possible
To understand me;

So I don’t think that
Your norms
Of human possibilities
Can apply on me.



I can’t glorify our connection anymore;
Yeah, it happened but now it is gone.
It wasn’t love and it wasn’t free,
Too restricted and out of reach.

I try to think of better ways,
To figure out why we left in haze;
But attraction is only a phase,
When it comes to more, you run away.

See I am not that girl anymore,
I can’t and won’t keep opening the door;
Let you come in and ruin things,
My feelings are no more into your shit.

So leave me be, I’m finally done,
I’m fine on my own, the closure was won;
I don’t need you to feel better,
I’m alright; now, we’re even.



I wrote this poem for a childhood friend whom I recently met again after six years. I hope you like it 🙂


Hello my friend,
I nearly didn’t see you.
You seem so different from my memories,
That describe a form of you
I knew long ago,
In the realms of our happy childhood.
Now you seem to be just a shadow,
Of the person you once were.

Dear friend,
Don’t think it’s a bad thing;
Time changes everything,
And life and death are relative.
What I know of you still defines you;
You’re still my person.
The one I cherish,
A piece of my childhood.

So take care,
And goodbye for now;
We will meet again,
When time turns us hollow.
But let’s keep the memories,
that yet make us human;
Because in the end,
That is all we’re here for.


When I started this blog, I had made a really big transition in my life. And now that I’m taking another big step in my life, I feel that it is time to change the blog as well.

I mostly always write poetry but I started with writing articles, book reviews, and just simple random thoughts that came to me. I feel that my topics, feeling and perspectives towards life have changed very much in these last 5 years and I feel that the old set up won’t really suffice anymore. I need to grow.

I recently re-posted my first post: Penny for a Change. My reasons for that was to show you that that 18-year-old girl had that magnificent take towards change. She wasn’t afraid. She didn’t care what others thought. She was true to herself. And also, she welcomed change.

As I matured I feel that I have become more…insulated. There are some gates that I have closed (that I’m glad about) but I forgot to open the windows, and that suffocated me and made me insecure. But then reading my own blog made me feel better. Overtime, my work gave me the power to stop feeling insecure in my own company. It took time, months actually, but well, better late than never. And that is when I realized this thought that I’m about to share with all of you.

Because we try to fit in the shoes we wore as kids; or try to mend friendships we gave up back when we were in school.

Now understand its metaphorical sense. And see how silly we have been.

We think we are not good enough because we can’t be who we were. But the thing is WE ARE NOT WHO WE WERE. If you think you were bad, you can be good; if you think you were good, you can be better. If you feel you are digressing, work on it. If your priorities have changed, do your best with your new priorities. But STOP comparing your past, present and future selves!!! Because they are not the same and will never be. Live in the moment, make your present better and if you can, work for future you to be proud of present you.

This is your life. It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. It is the only shot you got to do what you want to, and if you keep wondering about the bad things that happened, all the things that used to be, or daydreaming for future you with nothing to show for, you’re letting it pass you by.

Focus on the good things that’ve come your way, literally anything, and use that as fuel for your dreams. Be happy. And it’s okay if you’re sad or angry or jealous sometimes too. And it’s okay if you make mistakes.

Because the thing is – life is a spectrum, it’s not a single wavelength, and you need to stop giving all your energy focusing on only one of these colors. Take them all in, they are all beautiful in their own way.

And this is why, I’m changing my blog.

mahoganyembers will from now on have a different design, more articles, medium level of poetry and more book reviews, however, it will always be about anything on everything. Also, I have recently joined Instagram which you can follow for excerpts from my poetry on a regular basis.

Also, all my work will be based on life, changes in life, inspiration, personalities, etc. My work is not always based upon my personal experiences, it is mostly inspired by things I read or music I listen to. I like to get in depth of understanding new things and writing about these things is my way of learning them.

In the end, I want to thank all of you for sticking with me and reading this and I truly cherish your support. I hope you like this change and make similar changes in your life if that is what you feel you need. 😊

PS: If you’re reading this you’re amazing 😀

Penny for a Change

This is the first post I ever wrote on my blog. It was a big step for me, a big change, and I feel like I’m making a similar change right now in my life. So, I thought of reblogging this. Hope you like it 🙂


Change is hard. It tells us to get out of the comfort zone in a hope of experiencing something better. So, change is a critical contradiction to everything one likes. It has no particular reason, no driving power, but just a hope: a hope for happiness. It does not mean that its need has arisen due to unhappiness, but just a greed for something more, something better.

This is my step to change, to make a difference to myself. Writing helps in fixing memories. A change is all that can get you out of that comfort zone, and you need to know when to change for that very reason. Because at times it is not only about getting comfortable, but about finding happiness in that.

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An Individual…

I’m not a puppet,
Unlike “popular belief”;
I do have my own perspectives,
I think and I can see,
Everything ain’t perfect,
But I strongly believe,
That imperfections
Make the world worth the gleam.

And I know it’s stupid,
For you to think of me
As an individual
You want me for your opinions,
Not my own beliefs;
But know that I’m only kind,
But I am not weak.

So be careful,
I don’t take threats easy;
I’m strong, I’m powerful,
But I’m also sweet;
So judge me if you have to,
I don’t mind the looks you give me;
But know that I’m an individual,
Who won’t sit and weep.

My Space…

My space needs me the most,
But I’ll make room for you too,

I think I’m okay with you
Coming in my world
Like you belong with us;
You don’t mess
With the molecules
Like everyone does;
You just fit in
Watch me like a movie;
You don’t tell me what you think
Should be moved or removed;
You don’t bother me
With your observations on me;
You just watch me, see through me
And try to get to know me.

My space needs me the most,
But I’ll make room for you too;
Because what I love the most,
Is that you’re like me too.