Carpe Diem, Anyone?

This is a poem about life and understanding how valuable and beautiful it is. Enjoy! 🙂

Carpe Diem, Anyone?

“Why me, why me”, you’re crying,
“I wish it just hadn’t been me”.
“I wish I wasn’t here at all”,
“Did not exist, yes, that’s what I want”.

But do you not see what you’re doing?
You’re giving away the golden ticket
To Paradise that you could’ve created,
Utopia that you’ve misplaced within.

Life is a gift, life is a journey;
Life is a race, life is a struggle;
But all in all, life is amazing,
If only you believe it to be true.

So, Live on and dream on,
You might not get another such gifts;
And the one you have is wonderful,
If only you took the time to see it.

What you have is beautiful,
It’s the best story ever to be told;
And it is going to last forever,
By the tender love everyone’s hearts store.

It’s more precious than gold,
Nothing that money can by;
It’s your precious soul,
Not something to be replaced by.

So take in every moment,
And collect them like treasures,
Pile them up along with stars,
Shining like what they truly are.

And if you cry again,
Remember ‘what you are’;
The Pythia said it right,
Knowing yourself is truly an art.

‘Cause if you knew who you really are,
And all you mean to everyone,
And all that you’ve ever done,
You won’t be here crying at all,
But celebrating who you are.

So, Carpe diem, anyone?


The Sun Is High…

Just a simple poem on having a nice day ahead 🙂


The sun’s in the sky,
And so I thought
I’ll make it worth my time;
I’ll make the most
Of my bleary fire,
I know I’m tired,
But well, I think I’m fine,
I’ll be alright.

The sun’s so high,
Stretching in the sky,
With it’s bright sunlight,
It makes me smile;
It makes me feel infinite,
So I know that I
Will be alright,
I’ll be just fine.

There’s nothing more that I should keep worrying about,
There’s nothing more that I need more than this;
The sun is high, and so am I,
With all this happiness I feel inside.

There’s nothing but my strength and beliefs,
That I more than firmly believe in;
The sun is high, and so am I,
With all this passion I feel inside.


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Make It Out Alive…

Let’s sit down and grab a piece of paper,
And write down all of our wrongs;
Then paint it over with our blessings,
And thank everyone for all.

‘Cause if the wound never had existed,
I wouldn’t have known the pain;
I wouldn’t have scratched around bad memories,
And gained all the experience that I did.

And if it were smooth like butter,
I don’t think I would’ve found strength
In who I wanted to be as a person,
And grasped by big dreams in my head.

It’s easy to play ‘the blame game’,
After all, not all struggles should be ours;
But maybe if we can see what ‘the blames’ say,
We’ll understand struggles are all we’re made of.

And I’m here to say it’s okay,
We all have our hands and bags full
Of all these problems we’ve created,
Either by mistakes or by truth.

But I think we’ll find a way out,
Troubles are meant to trouble you;
But what makes you your best friend,
Is that you’ll help yourself through.

So keep holding on to those blessings,
And keep a count of your dreams;
‘Cause we’ll make it out alive,
Out of these shackles, and be free.


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What is it for?

How do you find love?
What is it for?
Does it exist?
Is it enough?

Nobody wants to know;
It’s all just a show;
Starring stranded loners,
As a crowd full of fools.

They think love’s there,
It’s real and pure;
But in the end,
Rebounds are all what they’re looking for.

Nobody cares,
Nobody loves,
It’s just a myth,
Popularized by our hopes.

People are kids
Playing along,
But in the grown-up world
The damage gets worse.

‘Cause in their hearts,
All people want
Is to suck in the lust
Out of your tongue.

They’re all alone,
Receipts in hand,
Looking for what they ordered,
But hasn’t arrived.

It’s a tragedy,
And it’s all we’re left with;
Broken pieces,
Left to be collected.

It’s sad to think,
That I believed,
In loving a person,
Who’d love me for me.

Yet I try to look
For a miracle,
But the sparks have faded,
Out of the glitter.

And now here I am,
Writing about love,
Trying to rationalize
all these missing miracles.


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If I Weren’t Yours…

If I were not yours,
Will you still love the things I do?
If I strolled off,
Would you still chase after me?
If I am unhappy,
Will you be there to cheer me up?
But if you’re there,
Then it would mean
That you’re my love.

If I were not yours,
Will you still fight for me to stay?
If I just run off,
Will you run away with me or will you stay?
If I just stand still,
In this world that wants me to change everyday,
Will you still be there?
But if you are,
Then you’d be my love.

If I were not yours,
Will there be some other?
Whom you’d love more than what
You claim to love me;
But if you claim to love me,
Then that ‘some other’ might be me,
And then you’d be my love.

Maybe it isn’t possible,
For my doubts to win this tug-o’-war
With this love you portray for me,
I shouldn’t really question your feelings at all;
Because if you say so,
Then I should believe so,
Because lately I’ve been feeling as if
You ARE my love.


I know you like to give people presents,
Not for the praise, just as a token of thanks;
You want to let them know
How much they mean to you.

And I know they don’t think that way,
They just take all and run away;
They won’t ever care about your feelings,
Nor will they tell you how special you make them feel.

And they all leave you with a sad pile of hopes,
That never made out into this world;
Friendless feelings gather up,
Hoarded along with the tears you’ve collected.

But my dearest,
You are my greatest gift;
You don’t know how special you are,
Scared with all that kindness underneath.

I want you to know it’s alright,
People come and soon pass by;
Let bigots be bigots and haters be haters,
Let sad be sad and be happy instead.

And don’t worry, they won’t remember you,
Because if they did it’ll mean they cared;
And don’t think of your past mistakes,
Because they’ll remember those pretty well.

But no, they won’t ever call you,
And no, they’ll not wish you on your good days;
See, they just wanted to impress you,
And take all the gifts they can get.

But don’t cry if they never miss you,
And don’t be sad for the wrong people;
Don’t wish they were better,
There’s no need to tread on roads not taken.

So let us be happy again,
You’re the greatest gift I can ever have,
And honey, I’ll give away all my precious things,
Because you matter to me more than anyone ever can.


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Lately I’ve been soul scavenging;
It’s a lot like soul searching,
But instead you avoid that whole topic.
You keep yourself busy, busy, busy;
Don’t think, just do, the “productive” busy;
Avoid every question your brain throws at you;
Avoid the reasons and the inimical consequences it hits you with.

Lately I’ve been soul scavenging;
Not because I’ve lost all meaning,
But because at this time, in this situation that I am,
It is what will solve all of my problems.
Soul searching on the other hand,
Only leads to me day dreaming;
And I’ve had enough of those rainbow days,
Now rough treks are what I’m needing.

Lately I’ve understood
That crests and troughs go hand in hand;
If I fall, it’s only so I get up;
If I fail, it’s only so I learn;
And on and on, I’ll keep moving forward,
Because that’s just what I’m meant to do.
It’s about what it means to me,
Of everything I have gotten from those day dreams,
So, on and on, I’ll keep moving forward,
Because that’s how I interpret my soul hunt.