Objectifying Emotions


There are a millions terms used everyday that don’t make sense. We act so typical by relating feelings to words that don’t really help in defining those feelings.

Lets take the example of emptiness, which is mostly felt as a sad spot in the heart. It helps in directing others into believing that you feel so hollow inside that nothing that fills in can please you. But while we are so busy objectifying feelings, we tend to forget that emptiness is not always sad. Of course people won’t agree with this statement but that is only because they are still in the inertia of their belief in emptiness having only sad linkages. I find happiness when I see an empty garden at dawn. I find happiness dancing all alone in an empty room.

The worst feeling that is objectified is love, mostly related to hearts. I just don’t understand the origin of this relation. I mean, we all know what a real heart looks like and what it looks like in the context of love. I actually thought that this relation might be because your heart starts racing when you’re in love. But you’re heart also starts racing when you’re scared. So this relation just doesn’t make much sense to me. Also, the color red stands for love. And also for rage, blood, etc. So, we all know where this is going.

We all objectify emotions. Because there is always a line between ‘what you can say’ and ‘what you want to say’. So, we don’t exactly have a choice. We try our best to describe what we feel, but best is not enough. Because deep inside we all know that there is more to how we feel than what we can tell.



  1. Paul Handover · January 7

    Called by to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!

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