Articles, Art and Ambitions

I have been trying to get it right since the last week. Or maybe ever since I started blogging. But it just doesn’t happen. I write, I erase, I write again, but am never satisfied. It gets SO hard ! Because no matter how good the article sounds, it is just not good enough.

Writing is an art, that only comes naturally and with some practice. When you write as a passion, you write for yourself, to comprehend your own feelings in the way of flooding your emotions on paper. But when you want to write professionally, it is a whole new scenario. You sure write for yourself, but also for your audience. An audience that judges you, not always in your favour.

It reminds me of the time when I used to sketch (I retired when I was 13, I felt I can’t be better than what I was). I used to sketch anime, sceneries, my biology diagrams (which I still do) and mostly everything I can see. Everyone around me knew I was good. So, one day my teacher asked me to help the Art Society in making props for the Annual Day. Annual Days were famous for its props, but no one seemed to care about the art once the function was over. They just threw away the hard work. So, I politely declined that offer. Other people did not understand the feeling each student put in his art, he made it live for at least a moment. It was just another piece of crap for the teachers, so throwing it away was no big deal for them.

Most of us write for ambition, in a hope to be a great writer, a popular one, someone who makes sense to everyone. But these objectives are hard, just like every objective. These goals further pressurize us to write better than our earlier work. And it just gets harder with every write up. Because we are more bothered about our judges than our feelings.

Writing is an art, which every blogger surely has. But don’t sell your self respect for your passion, never lose your pride for virtual honour. Believe in yourself and don’t get carried away by your audience. Be what you want to be, not what they want to see.


Litterio, Antonio ; InverseHypercube ; Power of Words – Image



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