Hi ! I just had a busy weekend, so it was hard for me to publish anything. This was one of my first poems and I wrote it when I was very sad. I am nothing like this poem anymore, in other words, I am much happier. So, please don’t judge me, judge the poem. Though that feeling has changed millionfolds, this poem still remains. Enjoy !


I’ll kill myself if need be,
for the world is now but an empty soul
of happiness crumbled in its lone
vessel of emptiness, stood by the anger it holds.


Life is but a vessel,
A vessel of emptiness ;
craving for love
that is yet killed by its own emptiness.


They say “love remains”
But love is just an illusion,
that helps in forgetting the emptiness
which surrounds and is all around us.


I’ll kill myself if need be,
for this world is but an empty soul.
My life won’t matter to the hollow ;
As empty it is, emptiness it shall sow.



  1. onlynomes · September 25, 2014


    just to say i think your poem is beautifully dark, thank you for sharing 🙂



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