The Review : The Godfather (book)

“Every man has but one destiny” – Don Vito Corleone

The Godfather is a marvelous piece of art, of the beauty of the reasonableness of Don Vito Corleone, of the happenstances that mold a person towards his destiny. I read this book about 45 years after it was first published, and yet felt a sudden rapport being formed between the way of thinking practiced by people more than half a century older than me.

There are truly no words to describe how I am feeling right now. I can still taste the air of Sicily, hear the soft words of the Don, feel the massacre of Sonny Corleone, and see right in front of my eyes the journey of Michael Corleone towards his destiny.

The true meaning of ‘family’, the holy law of omertà, the real sense of honour and reason, this is what this book has taught me. The truth about trust can only be felt by betrayal, the essence of which the book has nicely encaptured. The funeral of Vito Corleone makes you realize how fast time has passed in the last 10 years, since Connie’s wedding. The nostalgia further deepens the impact of the story, making you feel as if everything happened right in front of your eyes, as if you were there all along, all that time.

I do not know if this can truly be called a review but I can surely assure you that this book is that one thing in life that you should read before you die.



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