About a Boy

There are people in our life that have a huge impact on us, on our habits or perhaps our mind. I knew a person such as that long ago. So I wrote this poem for him. About him. Maybe you can relate to it too. Please read along. 🙂


You’re a star.

Happiness shattered in a million scars.

Deep blue, sparking champagne dew,

Too brilliant inside, blossoming fire for hours.

You’re a lord.

A hypocrite, too high to be called

Boastful, greedy, selfish, and needy.

A tyrant to uphold, an insignificant mould.

You’re a player.

You’re arrogant yet shy in every layer

Of what you are, not what you think you are.

Just another of those unmerciful slayers.

But you were a flower.

Trying to mend things every hour.

For culturing the ruins of torn happiness.

To grow more sweetness in the sour.

And you were a friend.

Too busy making an array of all the trends

To be there in ways that you can care

To never turn your back, to make amends.

So where are you now ?

The ‘No-Go, No-Show’ theme seems like a tragedy somehow.

With no more of us, to mend up this distance.

So close we were, no more seems our existence.

Please come back !

Stay where we were, keep it the way it was.

Don’t leave on a note of shattered credibility.

Leave, if you have to, as a friend infinitely.

CITATION – Porcupine Tree, Lazarus – Single, Cover.


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