This was just a work of brainstorming. I hope you like it.


A blissful winter,

Bleak, cold and touching the Sun,

Sad but happy in its own terms.

Weathered scars pass by time, in time.

Stretching me long enough to hold

this dented ceiling from falling ;

I am trying to not let the winter in, I say

But it’s cold already, I don’t think I should worry.

Tired waiting reaching for the Sun

Maybe I should try another star now and then.

For the Sun comes and goes all the time,

But some might stay for longer enough.

As the Summers pass and come

I wonder why I forget it won’t last ;

I pray for the winters and plead for it to go,

Why so confused, I beg to understand.

I won’t stop, someday may be the winters won’t show,

But maybe that’s a bad idea after all ;

For I pray for it to come and plead for it to go

How about this time just letting the dice roll.



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