The Death of Me

Just a random poem. I hope you like it.



And when you dig up my grave

I know I will be all alone.

It’s just how I have been, How it had to be.

So, I will understand when death comes knocking.

That I was to never be a shield but a king.

Never be someone’s, just somebody.

On my own, forever alone.

And I understand, my needs and my deeds will work upon this venture to be fulfilled.

So, as I die, when I die

I know I won’t have you cry for me

You won’t shed those precious beads

U won’t greave for me.

But I will understand.

For I made it that way.

I wasn’t meant to be loved.

I was just meant to be someone, to just be.

And now I think it is time to accept my fate.

All alone, just like I came.

Go back to the sands that made me.

So ever alone, forever alone.


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