This Feeling

Hi, this is a sorta romantic poem. I hope you like it ! 🙂

I had already closed my eyes,

When you pulled me out of the darkness.

I was already drowning,

When you gave me a fresh breath of life again.

I thought I had lost you.

But you were only to be found.

I guess I was just thinking out loud.

But I am alive, for I can see it.

I’m tripping, I’m dreaming,

I’m falling, I’m feeling,

Just for you, only you.

It is called something ;

This feeling that I was feeling.

But I guess it is best not to name this feeling.

For me, it is just that “something” I felt for you.

An apt definition, needing no more of proof.

I felt it when you brought me back to life,

I feel it in your love that shows even when it hides.

I’m tripping, I’m falling,

I’m dreaming this feeling,

And for now, that is just enough for me.

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