There was nothing worse than their hatred.
Nothing as pleasing as their love
She hated him with every fibre of her being
He hated her for her head held high above.

She loved him when she first saw him
Maybe he was just another of them all
But he only realised later
That maybe she was the one.

They talked for more or less some years
And found some time for one another
But one of them drifted far away
And introduced some another.

She hated him with every breath she took.
But he did love her from the start.
So, why did he break that heart he took.
That heart she cursed when she saw her in his arms.

But she still loved him as he once loved her.
But it made no difference now.
They drifted, finding no more of themselves
No more did they meet from now on.

But years later he saw her in distress
And came back to her as ever
But she no more loved him the way he once did
And that faded their love forever.

For love fades away, if you u let it go
He never imagined what had caused this blow
He made a mistake and he cursed that mistake
But now nothing mattered to that heart that turned so cold.


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