Casual Thinking

This is just a poem I wrote after a very hectic day. I don’t really know what it means, but I liked the feeling of writing it. Enjoy !

Oh, honey !
I’m stuck in this scene.
Not what I wanted,
What I wanted was just to be me.
I’m just a string attached to all your falls,
When I’m here I’m not what I want at all.

And please !
Don’t let this ever be.
I’m gonna stop playing around
If you love just me.

But honey, you lie to my face all night,
I guess I’m tired of feeling I could fight.

So, honey !
I’ll get out of this scene.
I’m no more yours;
No more of this to deal.
I want to stop wanting what I want and long for,
But baby, it still hurts when the wound is all gone.

And so please !
Let’s just be what we need.
Let’s get over the fact
That I hate you and me.
And since I’m done with all your rules and wrongs,
I guess I’ll find something better for once.


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  1. dawntodusk10 · August 5, 2016

    Your casual thoughts are beautifully expressed


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