Sea Storm

Lost at sea,
I was drowning for more.
I cannot get enough
With this pain I hold.
Disdainful lies
Rest in your soul.
I’m here lying on my back,
Searching for more.

Thought you’ll see
That it was hard for me.
But all along,
I kept my peace.
While you ran about
To reach me.
It was hard for you too,
It might seem.

Nights at sea,
I waited all that time.
I kept close
To the people I called mine.
You looked at me
With this attractive smile.
While I kept away
From all those fake smiles.

This time it seems
I’ll learn how to swim.
Prepping myself,
I’m reeling in to win.
I’m going back to the sea,
To find another storm.
Let’s see if it dares 
To lose me again at dawn.

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