Life as we know it.

Why is it that we seem to think of the worst possible scenario and are 100% sure that that will happen, unlike the ‘rare’ event of everything being fine? Why is it that we are capable of wasting most of our energy dwelling on what’s going to go wrong, but not even once think about the normal things that can happen? Let me give you an example – you’re filling an application. You submit it. Then, you think of how you might have filled some wrong information, uploaded wrong documents, maybe your application just magically vanished, or maybe you won’t get selected at all. But did you once stop and think about a tiny little thought of everything being alright? No, you didn’t.

We seem to make life harder than it’s supposed to be without even realizing it, and to worsen the outcome, we take it way too hard on ourselves. We mix up ‘everything bad that has happened’ with ‘everything bad that can happen’ and ‘our imagination’, and create a big black cloud of low self-esteem that follows us around all the time.

But, my main question is- Why do we do so? Does it help us? Does it have a purpose? Do we need it? And the thing is that…I don’t know. I wish I did. But I am just another person who is trapped in this mess too. I am trying to figure it out, but I’m not sure where this is leading me. Do I blame my negative thinking? Yes. Do I believe in my negative thinking? I don’t know. The thing is that I’m so scared of my nightmares that I pretend thinking about them constantly might make them not happen. Or if I don’t think about them, they might happen. Yes, that’s how stupid your mind sounds in text. And that’s what makes you realize how stupid your thoughts are. So, I believe that it is time that we knock out our pessimistic approach to life and start anew. It is time to forgive ourselves and not think about it anymore. It’s time to let go and live this time now.

So, if you have an answer to my questions, feel free to answer them.

Till then, I just like seeing this piece of conversation from the movie “Before Sunset”.

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