Going Along…

While I was thinking about you it was still summer.
A weather of hope, the season for a lover.
I felt your heat when the sun was undercover.
I melted deep and never recovered.

It is hard to find the right place and time.
Even harder it is to find you in the first sight.
For me it is getting harder and harder every time
To think and find a way to fit you in a rhyme.

Do u remember when I read this to you ?
How red it all was, my cheeks, my neck, your shoes.
Then you smiled, when I expected nothing more from you.
And then we began with this feeling without a clue.

So, I just write stuff and remind me of things.
I like thinking about you while other people are happy with flings.
Believing was hard but loving is harder.
I love this more than what I liked the other.




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