We all have a different take on our feelings. Every feeling has its own unique experience for every person. And the way we choose to experience a feeling, totally depends upon us… šŸ™‚


I don’t fall in love with people,
For loving a person is like chasing wind.
I fall in love with ideas and feelings,
Not with the changes of heart within.

I like to love things forever,
For I like how it makes me happy.
I fall in love every single minute,
No matter how it may be uncanny.

People, they come and go.
But my feelings stay with me forever.
So, I never hold on to the person.
But just the idea of love that lasts forever.

I don’t fall in love in desperation,
Just as a habit, all day and night.
When the sun comes up or the moon shines bright,
My love remains to stay alight.

Love is a fluctuating cloud of condensed feelings,
You never know when it might burst and make it rain forever.
So, I fall in love all the time,
And spare myself the need of desperation.

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  1. dawntodusk10 · August 5, 2016

    Love it… a different perspective


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