This poem is open to various interpretations. To me, it is about a laconic introvert whose lack of interest in socializing is not understood by her colleagues. I hope you enjoy reading it ! 🙂


You need me to talk,
All the time, like I’m yours.
Just overwhelm you with words,
That make up your world.

But I don’t like to talk,
As much as you ask me for.
It’s hard for me to say
All the words that can make you stay.

But my words are just words,
They don’t have a meaning for you and me,
Just a feeling, a cause for need,
That can help your nights in sleep.

These words are stone cold.
Harder to care for, harder to hold.
Colder get these words, so bold.
And soon they make up a world of their own.

Words can’t describe how I actually feel about you.
Your compulsion is a satire of a crown around you.
I can never love you the way I love myself.
Or the way, in truth, you need someone else.

My words are just words, now holding no meaning.
All you have achieved is the satisfaction of keeping me bleeding.
My blood runs dry in an ocean of sorrow,
To which you’ll help yourself on the morrow.

So, I hope you see, you need not make me speak.
My words don’t hold a meaning until I want them to keep.
So why don’t you try to help me overcome this feat.
Without making me jump into the deep.


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