Love and Other Stories…

This poem is a story in its own form. Enjoy ! 🙂

I am writing a story,
About blood and glory,
Of times in the stench of worry,
When a prince defied his fate for his one and only.

He rode high up to her rescue,
And fought all that challenged his rule,
And those who hurt her shall pay,
He said to those who looked upon with dismay.

She cried for help,
He climbed over ahead,
To find her unconscious body,
It was her, his one and only.

He carried her out of the doom,
To where new flowers bloom,
Where there was nothing dark,
Nothing to set them apart.

She woke up for his love,
For whom he shed tears of blood,
And forged the love that remained,
Upon the naysayers he had slain.

And that completes their story,
The one of love and glory,
And their love conquered all that remained,
And set the worlds apart and onto their way.


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