This poem is about gaining the sense of choosing the right path and differentiating between the necessary and the unnecessary paths in life. Enjoy ! 🙂

I’m climbing an endless tree.
To reach the moment that I can keep.
To find an unknown fear,
Or maybe, a dream that is real.

So, I keep walking on,
Not realizing that I might fall,
Off the deep blue sky,
But this just seems worth the try.

On my way, I meet new lives,
Living, as I walked on by.
Different stories vegetating by,
Vicariously joining my long ride.

I’ve started to wonder why I took this climb.
Wandering in an ocean of my own disguise.
Was I running away ? Or was this just a lie?
It is time, I thought, to get this right.

I can’t fool myself into this fight.
Not all roads are meant to be “the ride”.
I need to find the one worth walking by,
And call it the ‘Renaissance’ of my life.


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