Vicarious Calmness…

It was this day, two years ago that I made a decision that changed my life: making this blog, giving a shot at providing my poems and articles a platform. And so far, it has worked out great ! I have been learning so much, about myself, and about the ‘creative corner’ everyone possesses.

So as to thank everyone and every single moment that made this blog possible, I would like to dedicate this short poem. I hope you enjoy ! 🙂


It’s a hazy blue morning.
Foggy islands of a serene dream lie ahead.
Blowing far, getting higher as I am,
As this time is to me.

Summer lightning in my eyes.
I like how this all makes me smile.
I’m happy, I’m more than just fine.
This might just be the ride.

I am drenched in the opulence of life.
And I like this, more than what words can describe.
Joy has a whole new meaning in my life.
Life has a brand new vibe by its side.

And I’m diving in.
In this pure feeling of being here.
Of ambitions and dreams,
Of happiness like they’ve never seen.
And this time, I’m staying.
Just living in it forever.


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