There are people who try their best to belittle us, to undermine everything we do. The best we can do is show that we are better than them and see how our happiness gives them hell. 🙂


The world will destroy your innocence,
Like a cold shard through your heart,
Leaving behind a veneer
Tainted with open scars.

While you shout and cry,
They will laugh at your naïve face.
And mince the remains
Of the heart they hold in flames.

I wish it to be just a nightmare
That you had in a deep sleep.
That doesn’t sully your memory
With these dark dreams.

If it just never happened,
Your heart wouldn’t be shattered.
And your innocence will remain
As innocent as a white rose lain.

But why did they want to harm u ?
What was the reason for this abuse ?
Was your innocence imputing injustice
To those who are so bloodless ?

Was it so hard for them
To let innocence remain ?
In a world so strange,
Full of evil games.

Don’t lose that innocence you hold.
To the conniving chicanery they uphold.
Let them burn deep down their soul,
By the happiness that your viridity controls.

Featured Image –

White Roses – Innocence in Bloom


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