I guess all of us can relate to the ghosts of the past we take with us everywhere…


You dream by the edges of the clouds,
So high in the sky, like no one was around.
And it feels right, with these soundless shouts
Of the ghosts you create and bag around.

And you walk by the streets of this world that you fight,
In the ocean of your mind, you dive in that tide,
With the ghosts that you created with your passing time,
And if only you would have let go, you wouldn’t be the broken knight.

And you’re searching away ur life
For the ghosts to disappear from your mind;
While holding on to the slight
Grudges of your past life.

And while you swing and glide
That sword and armor lose their shine.
And as time passes by
Your ghosts take up life.

They swallow the niceties
You once thought belonged to you;
They turn you into a nightmare
As if a ghost might have taken shelter in you.

You kill away your once known happiness
Just to embrace the pain of your broken heart.
And then, there was born
A broken knight, with this broken song.

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