How My Father is Exactly like Goku…

Yes, this is a Dragon Ball Z reference. 😛

I belong to that group of girls that loves gory fights of DBZ. I have been a huge DBZ fan since the last 14 years (I’m 20). It has taught me many valuable lessons in life, especially the importance of love, loyalty and friendship. Goku, the protagonist of the series, has such a radiant and kaleidoscopic personality that he tops my list of favorite anime protagonists.

It is only recently that I realized how my father is so similar to Goku. And following this analogy makes me Gohan (his son in the anime). So, I present everyone with this list of uncanny similarities between my Dad and Goku –

  • He is way too honest and clear of heart.
  • He depends on Mr. Piccolo (irl my elder brother) to take care of me and ‘train’ me.

gohancryingforgoku-horzPiccolo training little Gohan

  • He is always excited to see me…
  • But he hardly pays much attention to our conversations.
  • He is always busy.
  • He tells me I have potential to be great.

father-son-kamehameha-horz Result of Goku believing in Gohan’s potential while fighting Cell (my favorite scene in DBZ)

  • He loves food as much as Goku does.

Eating.pngGohan and Goku having a meal

  • He saves me from mom’s constant nagging.

chi-chi-naggingChi-Chi shouting at Goku (scene from Dragon Ball)

  • He is the strongest when it comes to fighting and protecting his family.

Goku fighting-horz.jpgGoku fighting Vegeta (Left) and fighting Janemba (Right)

  • And Last but not the least — no matter where he is, I know he will come to my rescue no matter what.  🙂

saving-gohan-horzGoku saving little Gohan

goku-save-gohan-dragon-ball-z-34869189-500-362Goku breaking the rules of the Afterlife to come and save Gohan

There are a million more things my father does for me, and being his only daughter I think I get more love than what Gohan did from Goku.

And I am very grateful for having a ‘legendary super saiyan’ as my father. 🙂

P.S. I know this is a very different post as compared to my previous posts, but then again I write anything on everything; I’m just experimenting. 😉






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