We can go to the stars,
We will wander about
Where the universe feels so large.
We can be who we are.
Where no one will question how we put up with these scars.

But he said no.
He liked superficial beauty and found it where ever he would go.
He didn’t care about the stars,
Or how I looked at them for hours.
I burned inside, while they burned outside,
Just thinking why we can’t be there for once.

I like going out, streaming in a countless unknown coupled forces of my longings…
But all you do to shut me out is say that you don’t belong in
My world.
But then, where would I go ?
For I do not know why you have to lie so low
Beneath the stars, while I want to reach the stars.
I guess I should have let this go in the start.

I really want to go to the stars,
Because staying here is really hard.
Don’t make it harder, please don’t make the stars to gleam so exhaustively fast.
I cannot lose them and leave myself all alone standing here in the dark.


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