via Daily Prompt: Fragile

This is a poem composed about someone going through a period of emotional fragility…

Break me into pieces,
If that’s all you want.
Cut me in half,
Fragile as I am.

Is it because you love me?
That you love breaking me over and over again.
Is it because you care for me?
That you prepare me for the worst end.

But I love it when you’re here,
No matter how you make me feel.
It means everything to me,
No matter how you feel about me.

And I love you,
Even if you make me so miserable.
It’s happiness anyway,
Hidden in the darkness of your eyes.

And I don’t care,
Of what you think of me.
I do this for me.
I love you for me.

So go on,
Hate me as much as you like.
I’ll love you anyway,
Fragile as I already am.


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