Before I met you…

Before I met you, I thought I was a puzzle.
I intimidated anyone without a tussle.
And I liked it that way; no one could break my calm.
And things were good; there was no need to be alarmed.

Before I met you, I thought I was a masterpiece.
Not some dilettante’s pastime, but a virtuoso’s artistry.
I lived a magical life full of mysteries.
Dancing through the skies, making my own histories.

Before I met you, I loved everything.
A pluviophile, who also sung in the rustling, soothing springs.
Among those snowy nights and tainted red skies,
I melted into dreams like snow in the sunshine.

Before I met you, I did sometimes feel sad.
I felt everything I had done had gone bad.
That no one loved me the way I loved everyone.
That no one saw me cry the way I saw them laugh.

Before I met you, I was also sometimes happy.
But happiness and sadness are as relative as sunrise.
I anyway enjoyed all these emotions I felt;
Those deep dark oceans, or the brightest days that could never end.

And then I met you, and you just passed by.
You continued living the way you had all this time.
But I couldn’t decipher the veneer behind which you could hide
All those feeling I have been writing about all this time.

See, before I met you, I couldn’t express all this in words.
I just kept phasing out in fantasies where I can see through these feelings, so blurred.
But then I met you and understood for myself,
That I did need your help instead.

But that was an infinitesimal moment, that happened as it ended.
And since then, my words and feelings have started to blend in.
So, before I met you, I thought I might be amazing.
But you helped me understand, that in fact, I am amazing.


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