Upside Down…

Have you ever realized that you are good at something and wake up the next day to find it gone? It’s as if the universe might be trying to tell you that you didn’t deserve it in the first place. It feels like the only the thing in the world, the only purpose you ever had in your life is gone. So, what should you do now?

It is hard, really hard, to understand the reasons for this. Was it your fault? Or was it just…destiny? Were you never meant to be happy? Was your talent just a joke? And among all of these questions, all you can collect are the left-over parts of the fact that your talent is gone. What you believed to be your entire life is dead now.

So, the next question that comes up is, what step to take now? Should you try to cope up with this feeling of being “nothing”? Or should you try your best to get your talent back? Or should you just wait for something else to come up? This is a tough decision, and they all follow a different road and further different sub-questions.

If you keep on sulking on the “my life is over” part, you won’t be able to get ahead of this emotion. You won’t get a chance to get over this fact and move on and focus on other things waiting to happen in your life. If you try your best, you may get your dream back…or maybe not. If you do get it back, good job! And if you don’t, then maybe it was just a phase. Maybe this has a purpose. Maybe there is something other than that waiting for you, to make you understand your worth. Or if you just sit around waiting for things to be okay, there is an equal probability of something great happening and not happening. The downside of this road is that you will be missing out on your life, both the good and the bad parts.

There are many decisions you could be taking right now, and I can’t count all of them. All I can say is that you should try to take a decision that doesn’t waste what is already there in front of you, that you don’t miss out on the good and bad parts, and the struggle that follows everything worth living for. Because after all, this is what shapes us and makes us who we are today.


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