Mirror Mirror…

Do you see me as I see you ?
Or do you see me as what you think of me ?
Am I your creation, or a thought in you ?
Or am I just a memory you hide underneath?

Are you still searching for me in your reflection?
Are you still trying to find me in your heart’s commotion?
But your reflections can’t show you what you think of me.
You cannot find me in this state of uncertainty.

Am I there ? Are you certain ?
Or will we keep lying to ourselves ?
I can’t exist in a world you want me in,
In this uncertain madness to pander in.

So, leave me, lose me to your reality;
Start finding yourself, Stop finding me.
Reflections don’t think of me the way you do.
Forget me, it’s not meant to be, just get out of the blue.


Featured Images –

Pug Puppies Fight Their Own Mirror Reflections. It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!


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