Was it all the cigarettes ?
Or was it all this smoke inside my head ?
That I can’t remember it,
The moment you claimed that we’ll stay friends.
Because I’m so tired of pretending, in truth, 
That I ever had the strength to put my trust in you.

Was it these memories ? 
That I keep re-posting inside my head.
Or is it these memos I write ?
Thinking it would sometime be alright. 
Because I’m losing my faith in decisions I take,
But I’m willing to amend for my mistakes.

See, I’m just tired
Of pretending I can still hear your voice inside my head.
When I’m all that’s here,
Sitting on a quite, secluded bench.
Thinking in the open to myself.
Thinking I’m losing myself.
In thoughts of your happiness, 
While I’m crying, as silent as I’m still.

But I’ll get over this,
When the time feels right to be there. 
I’ll be here if you need my help,
To find what you feel is right for us; Instead
Of thinking about the future,
Because, right now, all we need is a solution,
So we can either just stay,
Or get going on our ways.

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P.S. I’m back ! So, now I’ll be posting something every week. 🙂


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