Trust Issues…

Back when I was 7, it used to shock me how some kids my age could lie to me so easily. I was never able to process that 7-year-old kids were capable of planning and deceiving their friends for a particular incentive…mostly because I never did that.

The funny thing is that even 13 years later, it all shocks me the same. People lie to me on a constant basis and trust me, it’s real fun watching their eyes during all this. The way their eyes sparkle when they think I bought their lie, that tells you a lot about that person.

I’m not saying I don’t lie. The thing is…I’ve tried. But I just can’t. I end up laughing every time I try to lie. So, I count that as my negative trait…because, well, people seem to be going along pretty well with their lying streak.

So, when people begin their sentences with I have never lied to anyone in my life, or you know, that I’ll never lie to you, it just…it just amazes me how people can be so stoic. And when I try to be honest, then it all comes out to be my fault. That I can’t trust people. That I have trust issues.

Now I’m not even sure if I should take anyone seriously, because it’s just a trend now. Lies, lies, and some more lies…that’s all they’ve got.


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