For Andy…

I remember the first time we met,
Just a classroom, in times of summer sweat.
Around the shadows of books and other faces,
Filling up voids of unspoken spaces.

We were kids, playing around
With basketballs, under bright sunlight, on the ground,
While we connected with those books and smiles,
And looked deep into each other’s eyes.

But soon we drifted apart.
We grew up, didn’t know where to start.
This friendship now spread, so large,
And along those years, drew us apart.

We were 14 now, not knowing each other.
But we knew our past as well as the present.
And found our way around the hoops,
Back to how we first met at school.

And then we were 16, we couldn’t be apart.
We were great friends, didn’t know where it had start.
Looking into the future, it was still there to come,
We might drift again, to different ends to come.

And now we look at each other like strangers.
Texts and calls, you now sound stranger.
I don’t understand what changed in these years;
Was it me, you, or our friendship of those long years?

Now when you text me, I don’t reply;
I can’t face anymore of your goodbyes.
I try to call you, but you say you’re busy;
And when you call me, it’s just the same with me.

So, next time, I’ll try not to get attached;
And forget all about our little plans,
About calling and never leaving each other in distress;
‘Cause now, all we find is sadness in this mess.

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