This is a short story that I recently wrote as a poem. I’m not sure if it’s done, but please enjoy 🙂


She lived a happy life beneath
A humongous green banyan tree
With all her friends who loved her deep
For her sweet innocence and beliefs.

The wolves, the bears and aquatic snakes
To whom she had promised to always stay;
To protect her friends, and to keep them safe,
She was even willing to sacrifice herself.

So when the darkness asked her to bleed
Or else, it said, ur friends will bleed
For all that you have done is destroy
My well-made plan, my sweetest joy.

So she agreed to feed his need,
And she was consumed by the darkness;
The cadaverous wind took her in,
And her soul vanished from within.

She killed, she laughed,
She never felt sad,
But only glad
About killing her friends.

She wanted to help
But made the mistake to bend
To the wish of the darkness
that swallowed her from within.

Murder murder ! cried the wolf;
And she only smiled and gleamed.
You never thought it was me,
What a pity you couldn’t see,
I was the prophecy,
I was the fight;
I am the prophecy,
I am the light
That will guide you into darkness
And murder and plunder.

And hence, Ella was consumed by the darkness
Only because her feelings interfered with her judgement.
If only she had seen the true darkness
She could have saved her friends from such an end.

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