The Perfect Date…

Should we dance all day?
Or should we just watch the sunrise?
Or should we just lie awake,
And watch the stars shine bright?

Should we just pose on a quiet dinner?
Or should we play charades?
Should we just talk forever,
Call and Skype all day?

Should we go for the movies?
Or laser tag? So, you can know me
Better than what we thought of each other,
Better, to make this all more special.

Or maybe we can stay in bed,
Have a home-cooked meal with comfort instead;
Like it was all meant to be in our heads,
Like what we used to imagine would make sense.

But do we need any reason for all this?
When all I want is here with all the rest.
I don’t want another lousy occasion,
To know it’s more than an infatuation.

So, let this be and I’ll let you be,
And we don’t need a “place” to set us free,
Of silences we never faced when we’re together,
Of tears I know you’ll give me never.

Featured Image –

Disney’s Lady and the Tramp


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