Love, or…

There are many times in my life when I have thought of wanting someone to be in love with. But all that time, I was just saturated with rom-coms and was very quixotic about this love life I wanted. And then I would say to myself, just concentrate on yourself right now, and love will come when it’s right.

So after questioning the existence of love for years, I’ve just recently realized that I am not ready for it. I don’t think I ever was, really. I always wanted to feel love, but then after all those heart aches and sad things everyone gets from it, from what they believed to be “true love”, I just think that I am happy without it. I am not even capable of understanding myself yet, let alone understand this entire new person.

I’m not saying I’m going to be loveless my entire life; I just think I need to give all this a break. I just need to concentrate more on other things, like being me, and becoming independent. There is so much going on that I find it silly of me to be wasting it waiting on someone that may not even exist.

I don’t mean to sound depressing, and trust me I am not sad. This is just a realization. And I’m not saying that I would just close all my senses to love, I just mean to keep them secondary.

That’s all. 🙂


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