My State of Happiness…

I’m scared of happiness,
I have a feeling that it’s temporary;
Like that snooze button in alarms,
It only gives semi-charmed sleep.

I’m afraid it’s a bad thing,
Like a curse coming to my end;
Like a warning sign, a presage,
Screaming the arrival of sadness.

It’s like I try not to be happy,
Just to avoid the regular happenstance.
What I don’t understand is that
It anyway leads to just unhappiness.

And I forget that sadness goes both ways,
To the one you are, and the ones you love;
And hurts everyone in between,
Leaving only sadness in the scene.

I have everything in the world,
The best music, family and love.
So, why do I give it all away ?
And jump in this state of unhappiness.

I’ve heard we don’t appreciate the things we have,
And run after what we don’t.
And along those ways of knowing and uncertainty,
Lose all we had and gain nothing at all.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot;
About me, and the happiness I have always had.
That sadness is only a state of uncertainty
That exists in my mind and nowhere else.

See, I just need to let go
Of my ideas of sadness and being afraid.
And live a little with all that I have,
With all of my happiness instead.



  1. angelwrites · January 31, 2017

    love this. beautifully written! i can really feel you. hugs!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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