Moving On…

Crying, sleeping; sleep and crying.
And days go by
Like the wonders of my past time.
Chasing all the way to their end
All I meet with is unsettling guilty bends.
There’s so much that I dream for,
And on and on, the trains pass off slow,
But streaming soon,
I wish to reach up the moon,
But it’s so far way ,
That I leave the chase to another day.
And on and on, the trains keep passing me by;
My dreams pile up like fossilized happiness, deep in the ocean’s eyes,
While I wait for that perfect moment when you and I may collide.

Voices speak to me sometimes,
How this is wrong, that I may fall.
But I think I have finally found my stop.
The station is onwards, I can sense it.
Writing it all is such a cathartic blessing.
Because you made me realize that pain is a gift,
Something beyond beautiful, a pleasurable drift.
Like those trains, I pass by you
And now you don’t seem that important anymore;
Once my muse, I don’t feel those emotions,
So, I catch up with the trains and stream ahead.
See, moving on is a crazy thing;
It leaves you with a new passion, good music
And better things to live onwards with.

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