Long back I read a poem on slavery, ‘Sympathy’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar. It taught me the difference between sympathy and empathy; and the struggles of the caged bird, along with the  importance of freedom, touched my heart.

This is a poem I recently wrote thinking of a similar feeling of freedom. I understand that I do not appreciate the meaning of freedom as much as Mr. Dunbar did, because I did not go through such a struggle. I don’t think it meets the same standards, but it’s just an expression of what I perceive in today’s world.


Nobody seems to be worried about us,
Nobody seems to care about us;

While we strive to make them happy always,
While we go through so much trouble all day.

Nobody seems to be happy for us,
Nobody seems to be proud of us;

While we work harder than what we did yesterday,
While we cry through all of our pain.

And yet we go through this torture.
We let them get the best of us, as if they have better options.
And yet we don’t find the courage to look up
And break this bondage for the freedom of love.
We just go through this same cacophony,
And pretend it’s music to our souls.
We let this not affect us,
Even though it hurts us right in the core.

Nobody seems to love us,
Yet we go on.


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