There’s something really beautiful about this weather. To me, this weather signifies the things from the past that have affected the present. It reminds me of the choices I’ve made all through my life, that have led me here; all the people I’ve met, all the smiles, and all the tears…everything. And it’s so beautiful to feel this flashback of where I started from, just by this ever changing weather that is static for this very moment to make me realize how time flew by, and how far I’ve come.

It’s been such a long time now. And it still makes me cry when I think of all those amazing moments that seemed to last forever back then. I wish I could’ve captured them, stored them forever, just to keep looking into them all the time. Those moments for me form the portal that opens between happiness and sadness: into nostalgia.

So, this is to February and March, and I wish you never change. 🙂


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