It’s half past happiness
And the summer is away;
The sun waves and the moon rings
Seem in passage today.

The world is still moving,
But no one seems to care.
Twists and turns,
Roller-coasters are coming our way.

Saw the moon and the stars
Align with the scars
Of the buried tears
They call triumphs of love.

Yet the world keeps on moving;
My vertigo’s taking over;
My feelings are messed up,
Just one big blur.

And I keeping on walking
On this rubble road ahead,
Searching for pieces,
An identity I left behind with the rest.

But I’m scared I’ll lose
What I am today;
If the pieces come together,
Can they break again ?

But decisions are identity
To the one who you are.
So, define your clarity
By the courage you awe.

And soon everything
will fall into place;
Like a magic trick in the making,
Your decisions will define the way…






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