Wanderlust…(Part 4)

The bold part is the addition, i.e. part 4 of wanderlust; which, hence, completes the poem with the ending.

So, this is the complete poem. Enjoy ! 🙂


As the wind flew by
Your shadow caught my eye,
Drowned by the blackness of the night,
Followed by the calmness in your eyes.

You told me to stay awake,
Wait for the rapture, night and day,
That’s when the world will change,
A blink, and it will steal you away.

And I waited as darkness grew darker;
Even when blood felt like a cold shower;
And as the air ran dry;
And the birds forgot how to fly.

But nothing felt as different
As my own existence;
And the way people saw me
Changed like the night lights around me.

Stuck in my wanderlust, in this icey blaze,
I walked on the streets in blue-black haze,
Through the lights of these bulbs in the chase,
Avoiding glances from the traffic glaze.

I kept going, until I ran into you.
You had changed, succumbed to the new
Air that hung like smog of darkness;
But unlike everyone else,
You weren’t driven to madness.

You grabbed my hand and made me escape
This world so sore; that’s when everything changed.
I saw the world out of my reality,
I saw the truth for the first time with clarity.

The ‘darkness’ turned out to be the real world,
And ‘I’ turned out to be a glitch who couldn’t fit in.
The ‘change’ was me trying to overcome
The fears I associated with my inability it get in.

And ‘you’, you were just a reminder
Of the good that still resided in this world.
And I’ll keep wandering till the end of the earth
Until I find such wonders out of my wanderlust.

P.S. – I’ll be adding some new (and different) work and new categories on my blog soon. Stay tuned ! 😉


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