They love to show they’re better,
Not by doing something special;
Just by the same old repetition,
Of humble brags that aren’t even humble.

They expect you to give up
Your standards and your honor,
Just to get you down at their level,
Of vegetative, immature behavior.

But I’m not the kind to care;
I don’t need to hang with people so lame,
Who think so highly of the backdrop,
Of lies and deceiving everyone around.

They think of me as a threat
To their world, so calm and collected;
But I’m just a happy glitch,
Happy that she can’t fit in.

So what’s wrong with being rude to them?
If it’s for my self respect?
They don’t deserve better,
Or ask for anything else instead.

They start it all,
By establishing they’re fake higher ground,
I’m just better than their superficial cloud,
So I let myself stay different, that is all.

Featured Image –
Peyton Sawyer’s art (One Tree Hill)


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