A regular craving,
Or just a habit in the making,
Or just a midnight happenstance,
With a novel of happiness.

Warm or cold,
Strong or light,
All in all,
A treat worth your time.

An aroma so luscious,
Sprinkled with tasty cocoa,
Served in a huge mug,
Or frequent shots to go for.

A subservient craving,
Soon addictive,
Soon rationalized,
With other goodness it supplies.

The surge of sweetness,
Possible even without sugar;
That crosses all brain impulses,
With knowledge, so overt.

Coffee is worth my time,
Is all I need,
To start seeing meaning,
In life and everything in between.


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  1. SinDollar · March 28

    If it wasn’t so late I’d have me a cup of coffee from reading this well thought out and expressed poem about my other true passion (coffee) besides poetry. Check out my poems and leave some feedback


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