Do you follow him for the shadows he creates?
Over the rainy streets swamped with memories,
Of nostalgia that connects to you;
Those feelings revived back as new.

Do you listen to him for the audience he creates?
Or because he makes you retrospect life?
Is he someone you can watch all day?
Or someone you’d rather not bear all the time?

You say you like him for his talent,
So flamboyant and colorful;
With that air but an aura full of vacuum,
Makes rainbows turn red from the colorful.

But deep down you know its not what you think
Not the talent,
just that speck of attraction
That you feel for him,
Changes your point of view
Into liking him for how he is portrayed to you.

Looking into his eyes,
Those shadows seem to have a price,
Based upon attraction, not respect,
You now understand the mistake.

“Sellouts”, he said,
“Can also be those who sell their beliefs to sex;
Only if they learnt the difference,
And followed what they really believed in.”


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