Love Burnt…

My heart was drowning
Deep In emotions,
While I was locked
In a cage of illusions.

I was moonstruck
With chances of finding true love;
So, I was sinking to the bottom,
with no luck.

Everything used to make sense.
But now nothing feels so wrong,
As the impositions of my love sickness,
I am riding down a road far gone.

And the days just went by
pretending it to be summer;
While all I was doing was
Waiting for the winters to be summoned.

My heart was broke,
and nothing seemed to help;
I had already jumped
In the state of my own pretense.

Love will never happen,
I realized that everyday,
While I waited at the airport,
For him to walk in everyday.

All that happened
was my scorched heart;
So little by little,
I burnt it apart.

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