A Guy Like You…

I met a guy so great,
Had this amazing sense of music and the groove;
With puns intelligent enough to make me laugh;
And a smile enough to defy all odds.

He talked with an air, so cheerful,
A rare trait in today’s gloom;
He liked to sing and dance whenever he felt like,
He wasn’t afraid of his opinions or everyone’s “judgy” eyes.

He flirted in the sweetest way possible,
He talked like speeches out of a ‘Nicholas Sparks novel’,
He loved with all his heart no matter what;
He was all one can hope for.

All in all
I was lost in him.
Who won’t be?
He just made perfect sense.
But the problem was
That he was real;
And a guy like him
Wouldn’t ever settle for me.

I have flaws, flaws I don’t see in him;
I have fears, of which he has no clue;
I have dreams, most of which he has already achieved;
I am just a girl, but he’s a perfect guy.

A guy like him won’t
Fall for a girl like me;
Why would he settle
If he can find perfection in someone else?

A guy like him
Seems out of my reach;
So why did I fall for him?
If it wasn’t meant to be.

Perhaps he can explain to me
The meaning of all this;
Love and expectations,
Will they ever meet a happy ending?


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  1. Phil Soukoulis · April 7

    Don’t let your doubts hold you back.Great poem-post!

    Liked by 1 person

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