Letting Go…

What if she looks better than I do with you?
Will it really matter if I’m still in love with you?
Why do I keep hearing myself say that?
When you aren’t even around to prove what’s true.

I hate that you never told me that you’re leaving,
And left without a word, left me in pieces;
I need closure, I need to erase you from my mind,
I need to stop wasting my tears on the wrong guy.

I know all this but I’d rather stare at a blank wall,
Because facing the truth gets a tad bit real for me now;
Getting out of my reverie, I might have to stop pretending
That there is love in this world,
As if you and me never existed.

So, why bother and write this poem about love?
Beccause I still miss you, and 3 years have long far gone;
But I have no clue about where you are and who she is,
All I’m left with are the memories and the what ifs.

And all I want is for you to know,
I really loved you back then, you know.
But now I just love that feeling that existed,
Not you, I don’t love you, let’s clear this.

Because you’re just a guy who was confused,
And I mistook you for someone else;
Someone I’d fall in love with, sometime in the future,
So, today I’m letting go of the past for this future.

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