Summing Sad Stuff…

I live in a constant cloud of depression,
But it doesn’t mean I’m sad.
I am happier than most people,
And thankful for all I have.

Sometimes I feel
Scared of a broken heart;
So, I push away good things
That involve risks of love.

I yearn for a good conversation,
A good friend, a warm hug;
But sadly I don’t have these,
And I feel all alone, with no luck.

Sometimes I just want someone to find some good in me,
I do love me, but sometimes I need approval;
In a world that pushes you around and makes you feel small,
A big heart seems to be a rarity in all.

But these are just the things that sum up my sadness;
I’m a very happy girl otherwise.
But I can’t count all the happy things in my life,
As they exceed the sad ones by millions every time.


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