Choosing Happiness…

I’m trying to make changes in my life,
By shuffling my distorted priority lines,
Into something that will not make me cry,
Into something that makes me smile inside.

I’m thinking of changing my lifestyle;
Changing some bad routines that got me caught in times
Of when I hated myself and everything about me,
So, I’m making the change of leaving these behind me.

I am trying to figure out the shape of my happiness,
Trying to sketch it in monochromatic colors;
I love lot of things but I’m scared if they get attention,
They might become distorted, like everything else.

I have to make this change,
I don’t want it any other way;
I just want to make use of this space
The time’s giving me to comprehend
Who I am and what I like,
What I want and how it’ll be like,
And I can see my vision in and out of my dreams,
So, this time I can’t go risk free.

I’m planning things out, I’m prepping up;
No routines make me idle,
Bad ones make me busy;
I’m confused, I’m confused,
I’m confused about the plan;
But no one else will make this jump,
It’s all I have.

But I’m stubborn enough and wise enough,
Enough to be sure I need this change.
So, I’ll give all my bad habits a break,
And make this choice instead.


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