The Glitch Factor…

There are times when we feel very alone, not physically, but in our thoughts and feelings. We feel people don’t understand us, that we are too “different” to be understood.

Instead of spinning about the same old thing, we are way too ‘out of the box’ for people to understand. And then people start to ostracize us.

Since people like things to fall within their comfort zone, they tag every mutant thought as ‘weird’. And then, it is us who become the ‘weird’ people, the iconoclasts, and the rebels. But what I would like to stress upon is the fact that I AM HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

The last thing anyone going through a personal experience wants to hear is another person saying “I know how you’re feeling”. We do not WANT people to say things that take away our uniqueness. And in the same way, we don’t want others to ‘accept’ us in their circle, because we do not need anyone’s approval for that.

Being an introvert and a left-handed person, I am very used to being judged and asked hilarious questions like, “Were you always like this?” or “Why don’t you become ‘normal’ sometimes?

So, while everyone has been busy normalizing the standards of what people should be like, I have been basking in my uniqueness. I do not want to ‘mix’ in a crowd that believes in chicanery and dumping people who don’t fit in their idea of being “normal”. No one gave them a right to do so. And to me, I am the only person to whom I need to prove my worth, because after all,

Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch



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