The Review: Looking For Alaska…

I believe that it is a beautiful experience to experience the unknown. So, I never research on the unknown until I ‘full-fledgedly’ understand its existence. I did the same with this book. Having no idea about this book, I just dived in. And it took me a long way from whatever I had in mind.

Looking for Alaska is, I believe, a metaphor for the search of answers, for love, for hope, for the ‘whys’, for the search of ‘A Great Perhaps’. It dwells deep in the emotional state of those teenage years where everything seems possible, and every feeling is true. Miles, in the search for ‘A Great Perhaps’ joins Culver Creek for, what I call, ‘the real college experience’(in this case, “school”). Alaska, an effervescent girl, is the epitome of originality, spontaneity and pranks. And Miles, so deeply and truly, falls in love with her.

The book focuses on loving, letting-go, on not-knowing-all-the-answers, and on friendship. How sometimes, things are more complicated than they appear to be; how we can always use some hope; and how the small and careless things in life can deter your entire journey.

John Green portrayed the concluding emotions of everyone close to Alaska in a beautiful way and showed what the path to moving on looks like. It is hard, but it is necessary to go from that choking feeling of losing everything dear to you, to being okay with losing it.

We’re all stuck in this labyrinth of suffering. But it is entirely up to us if we want to give in or give up, struggle or enjoy, love or hate, stay or leave. Alaska searches for a way out of the labyrinth of suffering and comes up with ‘straight and fast’. Chip and Miles decide to stay. The thing is, this journey, this labyrinth, is our own creation and I think it is entirely up to us how we want to go about it. I mean, there is no one answer; our journeys are unique and so should our decision to go about this labyrinth be.

After all, we need to keep going out there to search for our ‘Great Perhaps’.


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