Window Seats…

I never understood how someone can like the seat at the aisle
Be it on airplanes, buses or trains;
When just around the other corner is a vial
Of the outer world loose of all kinds of strain.

Like a portal to wonderland,
It gives a chance to lose ourselves,
In the depth and discreteness
Of the never ending sceneries in the depth. 

Windows are beautiful,
And window seats are perfect,
To view the world
Without stereotypical perspectives.

And I believe
Windows are amazing screens
That reflect out our imagination
Into sedulous expectations.

So sitting on this priority line,
Viewing time as it goes by,
I’m watching the shades go darker,
Into a night sky, from the starker.

And it’s all so beautiful;
That it’ll be a shame not to see it,
And feel it like I feel it,
Glancing out, through the window.


Featured Image –

27 Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Ask for the Window Seat



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